يا رب

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Make sure to pray FIVE times a day! :)

Make sure to pray FIVE times a day! :)

Engineering… always gives a hard time!


When asked the question, Sunni or Shia?

I will always answer that I am shia.
I don’t hide my beliefs nor do I say just Muslim.

Because anyone asking that question already knows you are Muslim and second this notion that we should all follow one ideology to unite the ummah is counter productive.

I am shia and you are Sunni we don’t need to further explain why, we are both Muslim, and if we want to unite the ummah we should teach acceptance not blind faith.

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I am really glad to see many of the Muslims of this world unite as one when it comes to standing up for Gaza; however, let’s not forget our Shia brothers and sisters who are being slaughtered left to right daily in Iraq, Bahrain, Pakistan, Lebanon, Yemen, Afghanistan, and many more, for simply following the Ahlul Bayt. Don’t just be anti-Israel, let’s be pro humanity.

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This is my little cousin. She is two and a half years old. She comes to me daily in noon and eve when she hears azan and asks me “apiee namaj parni hai bujay” (apiee i want to pray). Then I set the prayer mat sajda gah and tasbeeh for her. I do not know what she whispers to God but she sure loves Him :) Masha allah


This is what Angel Gabriel (AS) shouted in the heavens and in the skies when he witnessed the martyrdom of Imam Ali (AS)

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Dua Jaushan e Kabeer

Dua Jaushan e Kabeer